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K10 Birthstone Ring |36-2131-2142

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Simple and easy to use marquise cut one stone ring

A birthstone ring with a marquise cut jewel that fits your finger.
It is recommended not only as a birthstone item, but also for coordinating with your favorite color ring.

It is also perfect as one of the items that you can enjoy layering and coordinating your hands. In addition to choosing the birthday month of yourself or someone you care about, it is also recommended to choose according to your favorite color and atmosphere.

Not only can it be used as a personal amulet item, but it is also perfect as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

◆January [Garnet]
A stone that enhances the pretty beauty of the person who wears deep Bordeaux

◆ February [Amethyst]
A stone that enhances your femininity and elegance with its vivid purple color.

◆ March [Aquamarine]
A jewel that captures the hearts of those who see it, a vivid stone that looks like a moment when a drop of water drips beautifully.

◆ April [White Topaz]
Clear and colorless like melted ice, this stone can be used regardless of fashion or occasion.

◆ May [Emerald]
A stone that creates an intelligent and gentle woman with a calming bluish green that seems to be sucked in.

◆ June [Moonstone]
A romantic stone that shines discreetly as if the gentle color really confined the light of the moon.

◆July [Ruby]
A beautiful stone with a vivid miraculous deep pink that nature has produced over a long period of time.

◆ August [Peridot]
A stone that is said to hold the power of the sun and repel disasters and negative thoughts.

◆ September [Sapphire]
As if the night sky was tightly packed, the deep blue is the perfect stone for a sophisticated and mature style.

◆ October [pink tourmaline]
Said to call love and bonds, this stone has a lovely, vivid and gentle pink like a flower in full bloom.

◆ November [Citrine]
A stone characterized by a calm and gentle yellow that brightens even the feelings of bright vitamin colors.

◆ December [Tanzanite]
A beautiful stone with a clear blue that seems to be sucked in like the evening sky

Used stone natural stone
material K10 yellow gold
coating -
maximum width 1.0mm
(Natural stone part 3.0mm×3.0mm)
size 6 to 20
jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

(Box may change without notice)

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