gift wrapping

[Normal packaging]

L&Co. uses simple packaging based on environmental protection.

In order to prevent damage due to shock during shipping, tangling of necklaces, loss of earring catches, etc., jewelry will be placed in a plastic bag with a zipper and then shipped in a jewelry box.

* In order to avoid excessive packaging, a shopping bag (paper bag) is not usually included, so please order the gift wrapping below if you wish.
normal packaging
normal packaging

【gift wrapping】

L&Co. offers wrapping and message cards. Please order the wrapping you would like.

【 free 】
Ribbon Hanging Service & Shopping Bag
It will be delivered in a box that comes with the product with a free ribbon attached.

[Charged] ¥1,650 (tax included)
white gift box
A simple jewelry box that can keep jewelry neatly. It's a type that pops open, so it's perfect for giving a surprise gift.

[Paid] ¥2,530 (tax included)
blizzard flower gift box
A jewelry box with a single simple rose preserved flower. As a gift for a special day along with precious jewelry... how about a reward for yourself?
message card

【 free 】
Message card service
There are three types of colors: pink, blue, and purple. You can choose from two types of text fields: "Free (line only)" and "Happy Birthday". We will also include an envelope and send it with the product. Please use it for birthday celebrations, anniversary gifts, etc.
Introduction of Jewelry Box & Pouch
A jewelry box and pouch that can keep your precious jewelry clean and cute. It is also recommended to present with jewelry.
book type Book type ¥2,970 (tax included)
jewelry box Jewelry box ¥3,850 (tax included)
jewelry box Jewelry box ¥3,850 (tax included)
jewelry pouch Jewelry pouch ¥2,750 (tax included)




※ 過剰包装を避けるため、通常ショッピングバッグ(紙袋)は付属しておりませんので、ご希望の方は下記のギフトラッピングをご注文ください。



【ジュエリーBox & ポーチのご紹介】

大切なジュエリーを綺麗にかわいく保管できるジュエリーBox&ポーチ。 ジュエリーと一緒にプレゼントするのもおすすめです。