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K10 Diamond Necklace | 66-7600-7688

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Small and delicate, this loveliness will surely make your heart bounce.

Recommended series perfect for daily use of adult girls

A diamond necklace that tickles the heart of a young girl with an elegant yet casual girly feel
Small diamonds are gathered tightly, so they are small and sparkle.
The size is not too overstated, so you can enjoy an infinite look by layering it with your existing necklace.

Whether it's a reward for yourself who works hard every day, a gift for someone special, or a first piece of jewelry, it's sure to be something you'll want to wear every day☆

Lineup ―――――

Heart 1: 0.03ct
Heart 2: 0.04ct
Moon: 0.03ct
Star 1: 0.02ct
Flower: 0.03ct
Line: 0.03ct
Bar: 0.03ct
Ribbon: 0.03ct
Cross: 0.03ct
Stick: 0.03ct
Star 2: 0.03ct
Triangle: 0.03ct
――――― ―――
Some "pink gold" can also be selected.


Used stone diamond
material K10YG
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 4.0mm × 5.0mm
chain length 40cm

jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

(Box may change without notice)

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