About repair

We are responsible for repairing any defects that occur in our jewelry.
Requests for and pick-up of repaired products are also accepted at the store.

About the flow of repair

Store bring-in (only at the directly managed store Atelier Nihonbashi store)

  1. If you wish to have your device repaired, please bring it to one of the stores below.

    Directly managed store Atelier Nihonbashi 〒 103-0022
    3-2-9 Nihonbashi Muromachi 2F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    TEL: 03-6225-2527
  2. After confirming the condition, we will inform you of the estimate and make the payment.
  3. We will repair it at the store or at the Kofu head office.
    * There is no shipping charge for in-store pick-up.

delivery repair

  1. If you would like to request delivery repair, please apply using this special form.

  2. Please enter the delivery address for the repaired item here.

    2-10-12 Yuda, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-0864
    Lucky Shokai Co., Ltd. To L&Co.EC shop Phone number: 055-235-9286

    *Please send by cash on delivery.
    * We recommend sending by courier service with tracking and loss compensation, or by registered mail or Yu-Pack.

    * After completing the application, we will inform you again about the return method.
  3. After receiving and inspecting the product, we will provide you with an estimate, and after confirming the payment, we will start the repair.
  4. We will ship it after it is finished.
【please note】
  1. Repairs and maintenance are only accepted for L&Co. jewelry.
  2. Depending on the condition, repair may not be possible, such as when there is significant damage or loss.
  3. It usually takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for repair delivery. The delivery date may change depending on the condition of the item and the holiday of the workshop. Please note.

Repair price list

type details of repair Amount of money
necklace Missing/lost parts ¥500~+shipping fee
Broken chain
adjustable length
¥2,000~+shipping fee
ring resizing ¥2,500~+shipping fee
Resize the stamped product ¥3,000~+shipping fee
Create one side 60% of product list price + shipping fee
broken post ¥1,000~+shipping fee
common Stone removal (with stones) ¥500~+shipping fee
Stone removal (no stone) Estimate required + shipping fee
new finish ¥1,000~+shipping fee

* Please refer to the repair price as a guide.

* There is no shipping charge for in-store pick-up.

2 weeks warranty

Within 2 weeks after the arrival of the product, we will repair the damage of initial defects such as structural defects free of charge.
* If it can be determined that the product is clearly scratched, damaged, or has fallen stones (chipping) due to impact, it will not be covered by the 2-week warranty. Please be aware in advance.