About engraving

STEP 1. Choose a product
We offer free engraving.
Please choose your favorite pairing or pair necklace from the items that can be engraved.

engravable pairing
engravable pair necklace

STEP 2. Decide the message you want to engrave
Available characters (3 types)

① Alphabet

(uppercase letter)
abcdefghijklmnopqrstu vwxyz

*Kanji and hiragana are not supported.

② Arabic numerals

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

③ Symbol

Only four: / , . &
word count

up to 15 characters

Please note that we will adjust the position of the characters so that they are well-balanced.
Number of characters Reference example Hiroto to Mai → 13 characters
2009.12.24 → 10 characters * Single-byte spaces are also counted as one character.

× Hiro & Yuki ○ Hiroto & Mai

Click here for a reference example of the engraving
Typeface (2 types)

① Gothic


② Cursive

deadline It takes about 10 business days from order to delivery.

[Caution / Please be sure to read]

About delivery date

・ It takes about 10 business days from order to shipment.
・ If you pay by bank transfer or convenience store payment, the engraving will be ordered after payment is confirmed.
・ If you wish to pay by cash on delivery and there is a problem with the customer's delivery address information, the engraving order will be placed after confirming the correct information.

About returns, exchanges, and cancellations

We cannot accept cancellations or changes to the size of the product after the order has been placed. Items that have been stamped cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you for your understanding.

* If you wish to change the size of the engraved ring, we can handle it as a repair (charged).

[ details of repair ]
Ring engraving erasing, resizing, re-engraving

[Repair quote ]
About 3,000 yen per ring (repair price may vary depending on the product)

About the use of nickel

The engraved part is coated with nickel due to its characteristics, so please be careful not to put it in your mouth. In addition, it may cause allergies or rashes, so please refrain from using it if you have sensitive skin.

About character size

The character size of the engraving varies depending on the number of characters and product design.

If you would like to confirm the delivery date after engraving, please contact us using the form below with "Inquiry about engraving delivery date".