ring size

About custom size
If your desired size is not listed on the product page, please purchase a "custom size" and contact us with your desired size using the form below.

Contact example: Men's No. 14 Ladies' No. 12


  • Customizable size (for pairing)
    Women's: 6 to 15 Men's: 12 to 22

    (for normal rings)
    7 to 15
  • If you would like a number other than the above, please contact us using the form below.
  • Depending on the design, it may be difficult to make it in the desired size.
  • We cannot accept cancellations or returns due to customer convenience.

*Please enter the same name, email, and phone number that you entered when placing your order.


size guide

Ring size (No.) Inner diameter (mm) Inner circumference (mm)
No. 1 13.0 40.8
No. 2 13.4 41.9
No. 3 13.7 42.9
No. 4 14.0 44.0
No. 5 14.4 45.0
No. 6 14.7 46.1
No. 7 15.0 47.1
No. 8 15.4 48.2
No. 9 15.7 49.2
No. 10 16.0 50.3
No. 11 16.4 51.3
No. 12 16.7 52.4
No. 13 17.0 53.4
No. 14 17.4 54.5
No. 15 17.7 55.5
No. 16 18.0 56.5
No. 17 18.4 57.6
No. 18 18.7 58.6
No. 19 19.0 59.7
No. 20 19.4 60.7
No. 21 19.7 61.8
No. 22 20.0 62.8
No. 23 20.4 63.9
No. 24 20.7 64.9
No. 25 21.0 66.0
No. 26 21.4 67.0
No. 27 21.7 68.0
No. 28 22.0 69.0

* Some errors may occur depending on the design of the product. Please note.

how to measure size

how to measure ring size with string and ruler

  1. Prepare the thread and set it near the second joint of the finger you want to wear.
  2. Wrap the thread around your finger.
  3. Mark the thread as shown in image 3 below.
  4. Measure the length with a ruler.

*There may be an error depending on the measurement method. If you want to measure your ring size accurately, it is safe to use a ring size gauge or have it measured at an accessory shop.

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About resizing
Regarding the size change of the ring, the contents of the repair differ depending on the product you purchased. Please refer to the following for more information.

If you purchased an in-stock item
Free exchange within 2 weeks after receiving the product

  • Only unused rings.
  • It is limited to change to the number that is in stock. If you wish to change to a made-to-order product or a custom size, we will charge a fee.
  • Items with engraving are available for a fee. Please check here for details.
  • If more than 2 weeks have passed, a fee will be charged.
If you purchased a custom size / made-to-order product
Regardless of the date of arrival, support for a fee (1 bottle ¥ 2,500 ~ estimate required)

  • Only unused rings.
  • In the case of change to the number in stock, it will be handled for a fee.
  • Depending on the design, it may not be possible to resize or remake.
If the product is stamped
Regardless of the date of arrival, support for a fee (1 bottle ¥ 3,000 ~ estimate required)

Please check here for details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.