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Wedding Rings | FIL (20-1465-1466)

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Fil Fil ~Threads of Destiny~
You were there when I pulled you over.

You suddenly appeared in front of me without any warning, as if it was already decided that we would meet someday. The thread of fate that connects the two is expressed with an extremely simple round wire. For ladies, one small diamond. Each small scratch engraved on the clean ring is the pattern of the two of them. It's a piece that you can enjoy the change that increases the texture every time you put it on.

Lady's Men's
price ¥60,000 ¥73,000
Pair: ¥133,000
material K18PG
(pink gold)
(pink gold)
Used stone Dia0.005ct -

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[About engraving and secret stones]

Engraving/Secret Stone
You can engrave your initials, anniversary, or a special message for the two of you on the inside of the ring (free of charge). You can also set birthstones and blue diamonds (for a fee).

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[About ring size]

If you would like a size other than the above
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【 accessories】

Acrylic case paperback × 1

bridal package
bridal package