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Wedding ring | CANON (20-1468-1469)

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Canon Canon ~Moderation of the Breeze~
A beautiful melody that you can hear if you listen carefully.
Can you hear this sound that I hear? Feelings for you in the breeze. I hope it arrives properly. Like a refreshing breeze, this wedding ring has a very beautiful platinum flowing line. For ladies, it is a design that you can enjoy a voluminous sparkle with plenty of diamonds. For men, the sharp lines bring out the weighty shine that is unique to platinum, making it a very cool marriage ring.

Lady's Men's
price ¥100,000 ¥108,000
Pair: ¥208,000
material Pt950 Pt950
Used stone Dia0.05ct -

You can enjoy layering with Canon.

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[About engraving and secret stones]

Engraving/Secret Stone
You can engrave your initials, anniversary, or a special message for the two of you on the inside of the ring (free of charge). You can also set birthstones and blue diamonds (for a fee).

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[About ring size]

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【 accessories】

Acrylic case paperback × 1

bridal package
bridal package