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[Gift Wrapping] White Jewelry Gift Box & Shop Bag

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L & Co. original jewelry box perfect for gifts

A simple jewelry box that can keep jewelry clean

It's a type that pops open, so it's perfect for giving a surprise gift.
You can choose either without ribbon / with ribbon (pink sticker type).
We will ship with a shopping bag.

■ Accessories
Jewelry Box/Shop Bag
Box size (approx.) Width 70mm x Length 70mm x Height 55mm
* The box design is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

■ Notes
* Box design is subject to change without notice.
* We do not accept orders for gift boxes only. Please place your order at the same time as the product.
* In order to prevent damage due to impact during delivery and tangling of the necklace, the product will be placed in a plastic bag with a zipper and then placed in a jewelry box before shipping.
*For those who purchased a pair of products
Please indicate in the remarks column whether you would like a gift box for "ladies" or "men". If there is no entry, the product will not be included and will be shipped separately.
* The necklace in the image is not included.