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[Repair/Processing] [For K18 necklace only] Request to extend chain length

From September 1, 2020, we have revised the price due to the soaring metal price.
So thank you for your understanding.

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+11 cm or more

We will respond individually.

Please make a request from the inquiry form.

I want a little more chain length...

If you wish to change the length of the chain, it is possible to lengthen it in 5 cm increments.

Please place an order when purchasing the product.

(Please order at the same time as purchasing the necklace.)

Material: K18

*The amount varies depending on the material. Please check the material of the product before ordering.

*The repair price may change depending on the linearity of the chain.

If the price changes, we will contact you from the person in charge.

■Length can be adjusted after purchase.

①Please make a request from the inquiry form .

(2) When making an inquiry, please provide the date of purchase, order number, and product code written on the warranty card so that we can respond smoothly.

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