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Jewelry care kit for silver | 96-4955

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[TownTalkPolish] Silver Sparkle Mini

Jewelry care items that can be easily maintained at home

A special liquid cleaner that restores discolored silver products to their original beauty. Even details that are difficult to clean, such as chains, can be cleaned.

A must-have item for those who want to use silver jewelry for a long time.

Cannot be used with the following products.
・Metals other than silver
・Oxidized silver products
・Jewelry in general
・Costume jewelry
・All products using adhesives

※※※Please read the following precautions before use※※※

・Please read the instructions on the side of the box and the included instruction manual carefully before using.
・Do not touch the liquid and use special tweezers.
・Because it is a chemical, it is recommended to wear gloves before use.
・Some products may have a strong chemical odor. Please use in a place where ventilation is possible.
・The inner film is very difficult to peel off so that liquid does not leak during transportation.
When using, it is easy to open if you make a cut with a cutter or the like.
・After use, be sure to wash your hands to prevent rough hands.
・Keep out of reach of children.


・Outer box *The design is subject to change without notice.
・Liquid cleaner
・ Exclusive cloth (cloth)
*Shopper is not included.