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Pt900 diamond 0.5ct necklace |96-1192

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A simple and high-quality necklace of platinum and diamonds.

The simple and stylish design of the 4-point closure,

It maximizes the brilliance of diamonds.

The 0.50ct diamond has a sense of volume and you can enjoy the brilliance of the diamond.

It is the item which plays an active part in the formal scene.

It is also a point that the length can be adjusted because it is a slide function chain.


Jewelry box x 1
Shopper x 1
Boxes are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Used stone

Diamond 0.50ct

・I use the diamond of the SI2 Good class

・The appraisal certificate is not included. Thank you for your understanding.

material Pt900 (Chain Pt850)
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 5.0mm×5.0mm
chain length 45 cm sliding type

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jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

(Box may change without notice)

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