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[Order sales] Pair necklace | 64-3716-3717

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pair (set) ¥19,800
lady's ¥9,900
men's ¥9,900

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Pair necklace ladies Women
pair necklace men's mens

Simple basic casual pair necklace

A matching necklace with your partner is a wonderful item that makes you feel a bond.
But I don't want to wear something that looks too paired.
It's a pair, but it's a pair necklace that looks good even if you wear it alone.

Circle motif with a twist
A simple design with one embedded cubic zirconia stone.
It's an exquisite size that doesn't get in the way of coordination, so it's perfect for gifts.

Yellow color for ladies and silver color for men.
You can enjoy matching with different colors.

Women mens
Used stone cubic zirconia cubic zirconia
material SV925 SV925
coating Yellow Gold rhodium
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) Each ring diameter: 11mm Each ring diameter: 13mm
chain length 40cm 50cm

pair jewelry boxpair jewelry box

Jewelry box x 2

(Box may change without notice)

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