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K10 Birthstone Necklace |63-8161-8175

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Garnet/Amethyst/Iolite/White Topaz/Peridot/Blue Topaz/Lapis Lazuli ¥24,200


morganite/royal blue moon/pink tourmaline ¥39,600
tanzanite ¥66,000

Keep your birthstone simple

A simple necklace with a mature rectangular cut natural stone.
As it is a feeling of size not to insist on too much,
A necklace that goes well with your usual outfits
New birthstones have also been added, so you can choose from your favorite colors and stone words ◎

January [Garnet]
February [Amethyst]
New March [Iolite] ! New Birthstone!
March [Aquamarine]
New April [Morganite] ! New Birthstone!
April [White Topaz]
May [Emerald]
June [Royal Blue Moon]
July [Ruby]
August [Peridot]
September [Sapphire]
October [pink tourmaline]
November [Blue Topaz]
New December [Lapis Lazuli] ! New Birthstone!
December [Tanzanite]


Used stone Garnet/Amethyst/ Iolite / Aquamarine /Morganite/White Topaz/Emerald/Royal Blue Moon/Ruby/Peridot/Sapphire/Pink Tourmaline/Blue Topaz/Lapis Lazuli/Tanzanite
material K10YG
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 5mm x 8.5mm
chain length 40cm

jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

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