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K10 Malachite Necklace | 63-3335

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Feel the charm of colored stones

colorful pendant necklace

Malachite with dark green stripes
Transparent or patterned items
Light, gentle colors, etc.
Since it is a natural stone, even if there are similar stones with the same color,
no two are exactly alike
You can enjoy your own colors and patterns ♪


Used stone Malachite
material K10YG
coating -
Top size (length x width) About 7.5mm × 9.5mm
chain length 40cm

* Due to the characteristics of natural stone, there are individual differences in color, color change, and texture. Thank you for your understanding.
* As a proof of naturalness, there may be scratches such as inclusions and cracks inside the gemstone. Among them, we have beautiful items, so please enjoy including inclusions.

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