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[andiima] MIZUHIKI Leaf Diamond Necklace (small)

The motif is leaves made from mizuhiki.

Mizuhiki connects and ties people together.
We create our products with the desire to cherish the "connections" that circulate around us, just as humans are a part of nature.

Seven tiny diamonds sparkle like droplets of water when exposed to light.

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【入荷待ち】 約1.5ケ月程でお届け。

Product Details

Material: K10 / K18

Stones used: Diameter 0.03ct

Dimensions: ・12mm x 11mm (length x width)
・Chain: 40cm

andiima Andiima

Erina Arai

Born in California, USA.
She has appeared on many TV shows, including TV Asahi's "Good! Morning" and TBS's "Information 7 Days Newscaster." In interviews, she declared that her dream was to become a jewelry designer, and five years ago, she began attending a jewelry school to learn the necessary knowledge and skills in between her busy schedule. With her unique sensibility based on the wide variety of people, things, and events she has come into contact with through interviews for TV shows, she is challenging herself to express a new style of "Japaneseness."