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[Made-to-order] K10 Yamanashi necklace |60-8659-8670

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Yamanashi motif necklace that conveys the charm of Yamanashi

I want to revitalize Yamanashi Prefecture with Yamanashi's local industry "jewelry" x Yamanashi's "charm"! This pendant was born with this idea.

L&Co. original design with 10K yellow gold and 2 natural stones with different cuts.

We will deliver it with an original card with 10,000 charms of Yamanashi.

◆ Peach
The juicy pink of pink coral and the yellowish green of peridot express freshly picked peaches.

The pop green of chrysoprase and the purple of amethyst express delicious grapes.

Garnet expresses the deep red color of red wine and pink tourmaline expresses the beautiful pink color of rosé.

◆ ice cave
The cool coloring of lapis lazuli and sky blue topaz expresses the ice and air inside the cave.

◆Furin volcano
The monochrome color scheme of onyx and quartz gives a fierce yet stylish impression.

Lake Kawaguchi in spring
Light cherry blossoms in rose quartz, lake and Mt. Fuji in sky blue topaz

Akeno Sunflowers
The vivid blue of turquoise and the yellow of citrine express sunflowers blooming under the blue sky.

◆ Hoto
Orange moonstone and peridot express the yellow broth in which pumpkin melts and the green of green beans and peas.

◆Kiyosato Soft Cream
Expressing creamy ice cream and fragrant cones with moonstone and citrine

Combining chrysoprase and garnet to express the bright red and green of cherries

A night view of Mt. Amari

Iolite and pink tourmaline express the romantic scenery of the sunset seen from Mt. Amari

◆ Mt. Fuji
Mt.Fuji with beautiful winter makeup expressed with moonstone and Swiss blue topaz

■ Accessories
Jewelry box x 1
Boxes are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Used stone Various natural stones
material K10YG
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 5.0mm x 13.5mm
chain length 40cm