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K10 Birthstone Earrings |43-8001-8015

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price list

Garnet/Amethyst/ Iolite /White Topaz/Peridot/Blue Topaz/Lapis Lazuli ¥22,000

aquamarine /emerald/ruby/ sapphire

morganite/royal blue moon/pink tourmaline ¥38,500
tanzanite ¥66,000


Wear your birthstone simply and stylishly

A simple pierced earring with a mature rectangular cut natural stone.
As it is a feeling of size not to insist on too much,
Earrings that can be worn stylishly
New birthstones have also been added, so you can choose from your favorite colors and stone words ◎

January [Garnet]
February [Amethyst]
New March [Iolite] ! New Birthstone!
March [Aquamarine]
New April [Morganite] ! New Birthstone!
April [White Topaz]
May [Emerald]
June [Royal Blue Moon]
July [Ruby]
August [Peridot]
September [Sapphire]
October [pink tourmaline]
November [Blue Topaz]
New December [Lapis Lazuli] ! New Birthstone!
December [Tanzanite]


Used stone Garnet/Amethyst/ Iolite / Aquamarine /Morganite/White Topaz/Emerald/Royal Blue Moon/Ruby/Peridot/Sapphire/Pink Tourmaline/Blue Topaz/Lapis Lazuli/Tanzanite
material K10YG
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 5mm x 8.5mm

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