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K10 color stone ring|36-2143-2145

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One-stone ring with glossy “cabochon-cut” colored stones

An item that uses a plump cabochon-cut jewel and gives off a mature and just right presence.
The brilliance of the jewel will make your coordination more beautiful.

The gold frame surrounding the stone is simple and slim, so it complements the main stone and goes well with any outfit.
You can choose from 3 types of stones that produce an adult elegance.

A fantastic milky white color that confines the transition of light that makes you look enchanted.
It is a special jewel that does not have the same thing as one.

A coral-specific color that looks like a mix of orange and pink.
The natural color that is gentle on your hands is attractive, just like putting a little red on your skin.

[smoky quartz]
Warm brown with high transparency. The chic colors give a mature and cool impression.
A stone that is familiar with the skin and has excellent coordination.

■ Accessories
Jewelry box x 1
Boxes are subject to change without notice.


Used stone opal/coral/smoky quartz
material K10
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 6.0mm×6.0mm

▷We also have earrings with a set design. Please see here

jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

(Box may change without notice)

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