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K10 color stone ring |31-4931-4639

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Deliver your only one! "Sustainable jewelry" using rough stones

A simple colored stone ring with rough cut (rough cut) gemstones.

The surface of the ring is textured to create a warm finish with a handmade feel. The back side is mirror polished, and it is made to fit when worn.

You can choose from 10 types of raw stones. Even the same type of rough stone has different shapes, sizes, and colors, so please enjoy what kind of rough stone you will receive!

* Please note that you may receive rough stones with a different impression from the image .


Jewelry box x 1
Shopper x 1
Boxes are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Used stone natural stone
material K10
coating -
Maximum width (vertical x horizontal) 9.0mm~14.0mm×9.0mm×14.0mm
Size (No.)


(Custom size: 7 to 20 can be made)

Development of "Sustainable Jewelry" using rough stones

Beautiful jewels that we usually see in shops.

Most of them are hand-polished by craftsmen by selecting the part that shines as a jewel from the rough stone .

This time, we focused on this process and the raw stones.

・If we could omit the process of cutting and polishing using a machine and use the raw stone as it is, would it be possible to contribute to the environment a little?

・If you could make jewelry that allows you to enjoy the original look of a gemstone that is a little different from the gemstones you usually see...

・If you could tell them that each jewel has a different color and beauty, and that each one has a unique brilliance...

With that in mind, I started making gemstone jewelry.

This is a project where you can fully enjoy a part of a gem that is usually polished and never seen in the world.

jewelry boxjewelry box

Jewelry box x 1

(Box may change without notice)

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