Reference example of engraving

Introducing a reference example of engraving|L&Co.

I want to engrave, but what kind of message should I make? You will get lost because it is a gift for someone you care about.

This page introduces a reference example of engraving. Please use it as a reference.

Examples of engraving using names and initials
men's engraving women's engraving meaning
M to H H to M initial to initial
Mai and Hiroto Hiroto & Mai name & name
MAI to HIROTO Hiroto to Mai name to name
M&H Eternity H&M Eternity Initials & Initials Forever...
M&H Forever H&M Forever Initials & Initials Forever...
M&H Forever Love H&M Forever Love Initials & Initials Eternal Love

Example of engraving with name, initials and date
men's engraving women's engraving meaning
2010.7.7 2010.7.7 anniversary for two
2010.7.7 M to H 2010.7.7H to M Two people's anniversary from initial to initial
From 2010.7.7 From 2010.7.7 from the anniversary of the two
2012.3.15 Aya 2012.3.15 Aya baby birthday and name

Message engraving example
men's engraving women's engraving meaning
Be happy together Be happy together let's be happy together
Always with you Always with you I'm always by your side
Now & Forever Now & Forever now and forever
2nd anniversary 2nd anniversary on the second anniversary
stand by me stand by me Stay with me
Sweet memories Sweet memories nice memories
Your pure love Your pure love pure love for you
I always love you I always love you I always love you
Touch my heart Touch my heart I want to send my thoughts
Yours Forever Yours Forever Forever yours
Together for Ever Together for Ever together forever

【 please note 】

  • ・ The number of characters for engraving must be within 15 alphanumeric characters (including half-width spaces).
    Depending on the product, 17 to 18 characters may be included, so please feel free to contact us.
  • ・ It takes about 10 business days (about 2 weeks) to deliver the engraved product.
  • ・ Kanji and Hiragana are not supported.
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