Heart neckless / chorker Produced by mamico


This is the first collaboration between eyelash artist mamico and L&Co. She is also a popular fashion icon, and together with the craftsmen at L&Co., she carefully created "the necklace I really want right now," with her attention to detail.
It will be sold for a limited time only and is made to order.

Heart Necklace

Curvy hearts and edgy chains
Gold glitter and a dark shadow on the collarbone

You can freely change the length of the chain to suit your style.
I want it to match a variety of outfits for any occasion, whether at work or at home.


Heart neckless / chorker

Sometimes it has a dignified presence, and sometimes it's just one flower in a bouquet. It can be the main focus or enhance your styling, so you'll want to wear it all year round.

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Mamico/Mami Takada
She is an eye designer who works at a salon in Tokyo. She also has influence as an influencer, spreading information about fashion and makeup.