Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, where our parent company, Lucky & Co., Ltd., is headquartered, began its history as a city of gemstones about 1,000 years ago when raw quartz crystals were discovered on Mt. Kinpu, deep in the Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge.

In 1834 during the Edo period, Yasuke, a Kyoto jewel merchant and head clerk at Tamaya, came from Kyoto to Koshu to purchase raw stones. He taught the people of Konosakura Shrine in Kofu city the technique of polishing crystal with emery sand (garnet), and thus began the making of crystal balls.

Towards the end of the Edo period, most of the craftsmen moved to Kofu City, and their products began to be sold not only in Japan but also overseas.

In the early Meiji period, processing techniques and tools were developed, and in the mid-Meiji period, in addition to crystal balls and ornaments, cutting of crystal for jewelry began. Although there were problems such as a shortage of raw stones, efforts were made to import raw stones from overseas, and high-quality techniques were passed down.

A scene of crystal polishing using a foot-operated polishing machine from the Meiji period. In the Taisho era, the top grinding machine was automated.

In the early Showa period, polishing techniques made further advances and a variety of items such as rings, pendants, and brooches began to be made. As the economy developed, the area established a foundation as Japan's largest producer of jewelry.

Currently, there are over 1,000 companies, and one-third of Japan's jewelry is made in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, making it known as the largest production area in the country.

Lucky & Co., Ltd. was founded in 1937 by the first president, Minoru Mochizuki, for the purpose of wholesaling quartz crystal and agate under the name "Lucky Shokai Co., Ltd.", which was very innovative at the time.

Masao Mochizuki, the second president, retired from the nuclear power division of Toshiba and became president in 1967. Making use of his previous career experience, he was one of the first to adopt computers in the jewelry industry, where all inventory management had been done manually up until that point, and achieved a dramatic increase in business performance.

In 1988, the company established a factory in Dalian, China, where it succeeded in further increasing its production capacity and continues to operate stably to this day. With an eye on expanding overseas, the company also began hiring foreign staff early on, which is rare for a small and medium-sized company. Currently, about 10% of the company's employees are foreign nationals, working in a wide range of roles, enabling the company to develop and sell products on a global scale.

In 2004, third-generation president Naoki Mochizuki became president at the young age of 29. Like his father Masao, he brought his experience from his previous jobs at Pasona and Recruit to the jewelry industry, and explored the possibilities of jewelry with a new vision based on the themes of "Collaboration" and "Communication" and further utilization of IT.

In 2013, we renovated our Kofu headquarters and opened Lucky Open Factory , a facility where people can experience the joy of jewelry more easily.

Based on the experience and know-how cultivated by our parent company, Lucky & Co., Ltd., we at Lucky & Company are actively working to revitalize local industries in Yamanashi Prefecture and throughout Japan, and we hope to go beyond the boundaries of jewelry and undertake various initiatives to invigorate Japan through the power of design and creativity.


1937 Founded
1941 Company name changed to Lucky Shokai Co., Ltd.
1974 Established L Kogeisha Ltd.
1979 Completion of new Lucky Shokai building
1980 Your Kobo Co., Ltd. was established.
1983 Tokyo office opened
1986 Exhibited at the Basel Fair (Switzerland) Started the Lucky Creative Forum
1987 "ETSURO HIRAOKA" launched and exhibited at the Hong Kong Jewelry & Watch Fair
1988 Moved Tokyo office to Akasaka Established Dalian Zongxin Crafts Co., Ltd. in China
1989 CI introduced "Olivier Montague" launched
1990 Exhibited at the JA Show (USA)
1991 Completion of new building for L Kogeisha and Your Kobo
2002 "ME." private brand sales launched. Actress Tomosaka Rie appointed as image character.
2004 "WITH ME" private brand sales start
Naoki Mochizuki appointed as new president
2005 Purchased new building for Dalian factory in China
2006 Standard & Poor's Corporate Rating: "AAA" (Triple A)
Launch of private brand "L&Co. for men"
Started operating me. official website Started operating jewelry marketplace membership-based wholesale website
2011 Started selling private brand "me.luxe"
2012 Started selling private brand "H bijouterie"
2013 April: Renovated head office building and opened "LUCKY OPEN FACTORY"
2014 Acquire 55 brand stores currently operating in department stores and make them into group companies
2016 "L&Co." opens at Isetan Shinjuku store
2017 "L&Co." ZOZOTOWN store opens
2018 Bridal shop "atelier L&Co." opens in Kofu
2023 The company name will be changed to Lucky & Company, Ltd. on January 11, 2023.