Engagement ring, wedding ring engraving, secret stone

About engraving

It is a service that puts a message inside the ring.
You can choose from the following 3 types of fonts and 3 types of symbols (heart, cross, star).

If you engrave your name, initials, anniversary, message of love, and other special words just for the two of you, your bond will be even stronger!

Number of characters that can be engraved
up to 15 characters

* Up to 15 characters in total are possible, but only cursive,
A character block (such as a name) can be up to 7 characters.

[NG example: Shuichiro to A (12 characters in total, but Shuichiro is 9 characters)]

* The number of characters that can be engraved on size 5 or smaller will change. Please contact us for details.

* Gothic


* Cursive

* Kathrone body

cathrone body
heart cross star

Engravable symbols

About Secret Stone

Birthstones and blue diamonds can be set inside the ring. Since it is embedded in the inner part of the ring and fastened, you can wear it without any discomfort.

It is also very nice to exchange the birthstones of each other and fasten them together, or to fasten the birthstones associated with the month of the proposal, the month of registration, and the month of the wedding ceremony.

1 piece ¥ 5,500 (tax included)
* Birthstone

Birthstones are also known as guardian stones, and it has been said that if you wear the stone of the moon you were born in, it will watch over your happiness.
It is also recommended to hold the stone of a loved one, hold your own stone, or hold the stones of two people side by side with the meaning of forever.

january garnet

february amethyst

march aquamarine

april diamond

may emerald

june moonstone

july ruby

august peridot

september sapphire

october pink tourmaline

November blue topaz

december tanzanite

Blue diamond

There is an old custom in Europe called "Something Four", which means that if a bride wears four "Something" on her wedding day, she will have a happy married life for the rest of her life.

[Something Old]
something old

Jewelry, wedding clothes, veils, etc. that are passed down from generation to generation

[Something New]
something new

It means a new life starting from now, such as new shoes and gloves

[Something Borrowed]
something borrowed

It signifies a relationship with a friend or neighbor, and borrowing belongings from a happily married friend brings happiness.

[Something Blue]
something blue

Blue, the symbol color of the Virgin Mary, means purity, and it is said that this blue color should be worn in an inconspicuous place.

blue diamond

L&Co. offers a blue diamond as a secret stone after this "Something Blue". May the clear blue light that shines inside the ring always remind you of the pure feelings of the two who pledge their eternal love.