Founded in 1937, Lucky Shokai Co., Ltd. is celebrating its 83rd anniversary this year. We believe that the reason why we have been able to walk for 83 years is because we have built a relationship of trust with our customers and business partners. We will continue to develop a company that can build even stronger relationships of trust.

Throughout our history, we have cherished our company policy of 4Cs - Challenge, Change, Confidence, and Creation - and from now on, we will further develop our growth strategy based on the 6Cs, which are the 2Cs, which are communication and collaboration. I will continue to draw.

Jewelry is not an essential part of life. However, we believe that the happiness and satisfaction that can be obtained by getting it, and by extension, it is an existence that can build human relationships through jewelry. Through the production of Jeyulee, we would like to share and pursue the process of creating many smiles for the people who hold the jewelry and the people around them with our partners.

Aiming to create culture and fashion from the jewelry market

2020 Yoshihito Co., Ltd. Lucky Shokai President Naoki Mochizuki