Yamanashi Motif Pendant is now on sale!

We want to deliver jewelry made in Yamanashi Prefecture and the charm of the prefecture!

The Yamanashi Motif Pendant, which received a lot of support through crowdfunding, is now on sale!
L&Co. manufactures, wholesales, and sells jewelry as a jewelry manufacturer in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, one of Japan's leading jewelry production areas.

We want to revitalize Yamanashi Prefecture with the ultimate combination of “the charm of Yamanashi” and “jewelry made in Yamanashi”! With this in mind, a colored stone necklace inspired by the Yamanashi motif was born.

Please enjoy the wonderful charm of Yamanashi to the fullest now that you can't go sightseeing casually.
Lake Kawaguchi
ice cave
Furin volcano
Mt. Amari
Fuji Mountain
L&Co. original design with 10K yellow gold and 2 natural stones with different cuts.
We offer 12 types of Yamanashi charm such as peaches, grapes, and Mt. Fuji.

L & Co. will continue to implement Makuake crowdfunding projects in the future.
If you are interested, please visit the Makuake page▼
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